Environmentally friendly and highly safe wallpaper “eterno”


Since its founding in 1772, Nagai Co., Ltd. has consistently been engaged in the business related to living spaces.

Being “eco” that is kind to both the earth and people.
It is also excellent in “functionality”.
The “beauty” of genuine materials dwells.
These are concepts that are consistent with the products we develop.

We are also working to acquire and disseminate FSC® certification as a means of providing environmentally friendly products.

Our original wallpaper series “eterno” is FSC certified.

This time, we will introduce FSC certification and our thoughts on the environment.


What is FSC certification?

Promote proper forest management

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an international non-profit organization established with the aim of promoting responsible forest management worldwide.

Our products bearing the FSC logo are made from wood cut from properly managed forests in accordance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) standards.

Purchasing these FSC certified products promotes proper forest management around the world.


Currently situation of forest resources

Forest is not only nurture many creatures, but also absorbing carbon dioxide and contributing to the prevention of global warming.

Currently, the world’s forest area is about 4 billion hectares, and about 30% of the land area is forest.

The world’s forest area is decreasing year by year, and 178 million hectares have decreased in the 30 years from 1990 to 2020.

There are many factors that contribute to the reduction of forest area, such as human logging and forest fires due to climate change.

Against the backdrop of a sense of crisis about the global environment and social and economic sustainability, interest in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is increasing, and activities related to forests, forestry and timber use are attracting attention.

What Nagai can do for the environment

In the case of building materials, there are increasing cases that it is pointed out that environmental destruction is caused by illegal logging of the wood used as the raw material. The market demands that the wood be legal and sustainable in order to protect the global environment.

We have obtained FSC CoC certification as one of the most effective means to show the “legality” and “sustainability” of the materials used in the building materials we handle.


Environmentally friendly wallpaper series

Nagai’s fleece wallpaper series is FSC certified

Nagai’s fleece wallpaper series is based on pulp.

The raw materials for pulp are also wood and plants, and we believe it is our responsibility to procure raw materials from properly managed forest resources.

We are the first in Japan to obtain FSC certification for wallpaper.

Contribute to green building

A green building is a building with high environmental performance due to energy, water, equipment, etc.

By efficiently using energy and water consumption, the burden on the environment can be reduced. This also reduces the running cost of the building.

Green buildings are widely used around the world as an effort to save resources and protect the global environment.

The certification system for evaluating the environmental performance of such buildings is spreading all over the world.

By having a third party certify the environmental performance of the building, the performance of the building will be guaranteed and it will be more appealing to the market.

As the momentum of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) increases, so does the demand for environmentally friendly buildings.

Green building certification systems include “LEED,” which is becoming more widespread around the world.

The use of FSC-certified wood may be evaluated for these green building certifications.

“eterno” contributes to waste reduction

Nagai’s fleece wallpaper series “eterno” can be overcoated with water-based paint.

Ordinary vinyl cloth deteriorates quickly over time, and yellowing and opening will occur in a few years.

Deteriorated vinyl cloth needs to be replaced, and in that case, the existing wallpaper will be peeled off and discarded, which has been pointed out as having a high environmental load.

In the city of Berlin, Germany, the Procurement and Environment Administration Regulations (VwVBU) prohibit the use of PVC products, including wallpaper, in public and public housing construction.

“Eterno” can be repainted with water-based paint without removing the original wallpaper, which leads to reduction of waste during remodeling.



Nagai will continue to work on environmentally friendly activities and product development in order to preserve the forest, which is an important resource of the earth, in the future.

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Abundant color variations, antiviral and antibacterial

It can be used widely from base to accent with variations of 18 colors and 3 patterns. Full of functions that bring peace of mind to people’s lives, such as antiviral function, antibacterial, deodorant, and VOC adsorption.




Three patterns in 12 colors to go with your interior

The cloth is available in three patterns of twelve colors and can be used in a variety of interiors. The dehumidifying and highly durable wallpaper keeps the space comfortable and beautiful for a long time.



shikkui fleece

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral wallpaper made of traditional Japanese materials

shikkui fleece wallpaper coated with deodorizing plaster, antibacterial, anti-viral, VOC absorption and CO2 absorption functions create comfortable and safe spaces.



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