Explain about the toxicity of vinyl wallpaper. Use safe wallpapers.

Vinyl wallpaper that is generally popular as an inexpensive wallpaper. Did you know that toxicity is a problem?

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used in vinyl wallpaper has been pointed out as a health risk.


Additives contained in PVC cause sick building syndrome

A large amount of plasticizer is added to vinyl chloride to give it flexibility when it is processed as wallpaper. In addition to plasticizers, various chemicals such as fungicides, flame retardants, and colorants are used. Over time, these chemicals are released throughout the room as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

These VOCs can cause various symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and flickering eyes, depending on the person.

In addition, phthalates which are the most common chemical substances as plasticizers, have been pointed out as having a cancer risk.


 Condensation and mold are likely to occur


The surface of vinyl wallpaper is covered with vinyl, which blocks air and moisture.

If the moisture permeability is low, dew condensation is likely to occur due to temperature changes, these can cause mold.

In some cases, the back side was full of mold when the vinyl cloth was peeled off.

Mold not only has a negative effect on buildings, but also it has a negative effect on the human body.

Inhaling too much mold spores can lead to allergies and infections.


Waste puts a heavy burden on the environment. There is also a risk of dioxin generation.

Vinyl wallpaper deteriorates in a few years and needs to be replaced. This is because the plasticizer escapes into the air, resulting in inflexibility and yellowing and hardening of the wallpaper.


How will the discarded vinyl cloth be disposed of? Incinerating PVC will release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. It is essential to use a high-performance incinerator with a high combustion rate to reduce the release of harmful substances. If it cannot be incinerated, it will be landfilled, but the chemicals will dissolve in the ground and pollute the land.


It must be said that vinyl cloth which requires a large amount of disposal once every few years, has a high environmental load.



Fleece wallpaper “eterno” that has less impact on health and the environment

If you are looking for a wallpaper that has less impact on people, buildings and the environment, we recommend our original fleece wallpaper “eterno” series.


PVC free fleece wallpaper

Our fleece wallpaper series “eterno” is a fleece wallpaper made mainly from pulp.

It is PVC-free and does not use plasticizers. It can be said that it is a wallpaper with a low risk of sick building syndrome.


Moisture permeability to prevent condensation and mold

“eterno” does not use PVC and is painted with water-based paint.

It does not completely coat and does not block air or moisture. This prevents condensation on the walls and reduces the risk of mold.


Durability that does not need to be replaced

“eterno” has a small amount of polyester added to make it more durable.

For this reason, the wallpaper has high tensile strength and is hard to peel off.

Since plasticizer is not used, it does not cure in a few years and can be used beautifully for a long period of time. You can also topcoat with your favorite water-based paint, so you don’t have to remove the wallpaper when remodeling.

This reduces waste and reduces the environmental load.


Environmental consideration

The wallpaper of “eterno” series are FSC® certified. It is produced using timber cut from properly managed forests in accordance with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) standards. Purchasing these FSC certified products promotes proper forest management around the world.


Nagai will continue to work on environmentally friendly activities and product development in order to preserve the forest, which is an important resource of the earth, in the future.

Please look at the link for product details.


Abundant color variations, antiviral and antibacterial

It can be used widely from base to accent with variations of 18 colors and 3 patterns. Full of functions that bring peace of mind to people’s lives, such as antiviral function, antibacterial, deodorant, and VOC adsorption.




Three patterns in 12 colors to go with your interior

The cloth is available in three patterns of twelve colors and can be used in a variety of interiors. The dehumidifying and highly durable wallpaper keeps the space comfortable and beautiful for a long time.



shikkui fleece

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral wallpaper made of traditional Japanese materials

shikkui fleece wallpaper coated with deodorizing plaster, antibacterial, anti-viral, VOC absorption and CO2 absorption functions create comfortable and safe spaces.



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