Here we introduce the installation projects of “Ecofleece” fleece wallpaper in Thailand.

In this article, we would like to show you some examples of Eco Fleece, a particularly popular wallpaper in Nagai’s “eterno” series of fleece wallpapers.
It is used not only in homes, but also in commercial facilities, offices, and many other situations.


Project 1: Sushi restaurant in Bangkok

  • Category: Restaurants
  • Wallpaper : Eco Fleece E75 (Linen)
  • Construction area:approx. 30㎡
  • Estimated cost: approximately 11,500 baht

This wallpaper has been adopted by an authentic sushi restaurant.
It is a matte wallpaper that gently reflects the light.
The blue tiles reminiscent of the sea look great.


Project 2: Office of a Japanese company

  • Category: Office
  • Wallpaper : Eco Fleece E75 (Linen)
  • Construction area:approx. 80㎡
  • Estimated cost: approximately 43,200 baht

In an office, it is important to have a space where workers can work comfortably.
Eco fleece is highly moisture permeable and helps to reduce the moisture in the air.
It also prevents the growth of mold, helping to create a healthy and comfortable office work environment.


Project 3: Housing in Bangkok

  • Category: Housing
  • Wallpaper : Eco Fleece F02 (Milky White)
  • Construction area:approx. 120㎡
  • Estimated cost: approximately 57,600 baht

We are very pleased to have chosen Ecofleece for the house. F02 is a grayish white color that brings a sense of serenity to the interior.
The pulp fibers reflect light softly, which makes indirect lighting beautiful.



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