What are the benefits of non-woven wallpaper?


What is the attraction of wallpaper?

The most obvious attraction is that you can easily incorporate various colors and patterns.

However, design is just one of the charms of wallpaper.

Today, many wallpapers have been developed that are not only designed, but also durable, functional, and environmentally friendly, and various materials are used.

Since we are installing the wallpaper, we want to choose the best wallpaper for both home and people.


Typical wallpaper types

Vinyl wallpaper

Vinyl wallpaper is a wallpaper with a PVC coating on a base material such as paper.

The feature is that the price is low and there are various types.

However, vinyl wallpaper has some disadvantages.

First, it is not durable and needs to be replaced frequently.

PVC is sensitive to UV rays and cures in 5 to 6 years, which can open the seams of the wallpaper or turn it yellow. Also, the backed paper is easily torn, causing the wallpaper to crack or peel off.

In addition, PVC emits VOCs that cause sick building syndrome. Not recommended for people who are sensitive to chemicals.

Paper wallpaper

There are also wallpapers made mainly from pulp. The texture of the paper brings an interior-friendly atmosphere. In addition, the paper cloth has the characteristic of allowing moisture to pass through. Vinyl wallpaper is coated with vinyl so it does not allow moisture to pass through. Therefore, it has the disadvantage that condensation and mold are likely to occur. Paper cloth does not have such a coating and is effective in preventing condensation and mold.

However, paper cloth has weaknesses in durability, workability, and maintainability. Paper is easy to tear and has low durability. In addition, careful construction is required due to its ease of tearing. Also, it cannot be wiped with water because it is sensitive to moisture.

Textile wallpaper

There is also a wallpaper made of cloth. Made of natural materials such as cotton and linen, it has a sense of depth peculiar to cloth and brings a sense of luxury to the interior. This, like paper cloth, should be handled with care. If you rub it too hard, the fibers will fray. Depending on the type of fiber, it may be vulnerable to water, so careful handling is required not only during construction but also in daily life.

Nonwoven wallpaper

The “eterno” series we handle is non-woven wallpaper. Fleece wallpaper can be said to be a wallpaper that covers the disadvantages of vinyl wallpaper, Paper wallpaper, Textile wallpaper, etc.

The “eterno” series is mainly made of pulp with a small amount of polyester added. Since pulp is the main component, you can enjoy the gentle texture unique to paper as it is.

Another characteristic of fleece is its high durability. Fleece, in which fibers are intricately entwined, has high tensile strength and is resistant to cracking and peeling. In addition, you can repaint with paint about 10 times, so you can enjoy a beautiful expression for a long time.

It is also characterized by its high moisture permeability. It is not vinyl coated and allows moisture to pass through, preventing condensation and mold.

Also, unlike Paper wallpaper, Textile wallpaper, it is strong and strong against water, so it can be wiped with water.

Since it is hard to tear, it is easy to install.

Unlike PVC, no plasticizer is added, so it is safe for your health.


Features of the “eterno” series

The “eterno” series is a highly functional fleece with a water-based paint finish. The water-based paint has a matte finish, so it gently receives light and gives the interior a luxurious feel.

There are also other benefits of water-based paint finishes. Water-based paints allow moisture to pass through and do not impair the breathability of the fleece. In addition, you can topcoat with your favorite paint from above, so there is no need to reapply. Since it does not generate waste, it can be said to be a very sustainable interior material.


Abundant color variations, antiviral and antibacterial

It can be used widely from base to accent with variations of 18 colors and 3 patterns. Full of functions that bring peace of mind to people’s lives, such as antiviral function, antibacterial, deodorant, and VOC adsorption.




Three patterns in 12 colors to go with your interior

The cloth is available in three patterns of twelve colors and can be used in a variety of interiors. The dehumidifying and highly durable wallpaper keeps the space comfortable and beautiful for a long time.



shikkui fleece

Anti-bacterial and anti-viral wallpaper made of traditional Japanese materials

shikkui fleece wallpaper coated with deodorizing plaster, antibacterial, anti-viral, VOC absorption and CO2 absorption functions create comfortable and safe spaces.



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