beautiful and High durability wallpaper. eterno


Colorful wallpaper with antibacterial and antiviral functions

Wallpaper -color your life with gentleness

Wallpaper covers a significant area of your home.
It can define the atmosphere of the space and it is a key element of the interior.
Choose your favorite style of flooring, lighting furniture, etc.
Lemilliur assists you to coordinate your beautiful space with gentleness.

Wide range of colors

Lemilliur has 18 colors. You can enjoy various combinations from the base of the interior to the accent color.

Snow White
Ash Grey
Stone Grey
Lamp Black
Feather White
Tulle White
Cinnamon Beige
Antique White
Light Greige
Ice Green
Smokey Mint
Slate Green
Greyish Blue
Pansy Blue

Wallpaper with many features

5 features that give you peace of mind when you’re at home

Antiviral / antibacterial

The visible light responsive photocatalyst reacts to weak indoor lighting and suppresses the growth of bacteria and viruses. For schools and commercial facilities where many people gather in addition to housing.

[Methods]* Paint: Antique white (results from our in-house test)
* This product is not intended for medical purposes such as medical products and medical devices.
In addition, this product suppresses viruses adhering to the surface and does not guarantee infection prevention.


The special adsorbent works to adsorb and decompose unpleasant odors such as toilet odors, pet odors, and shoe racks. Ammonia reduction rate

[Methods] Results from our in-house test

Adsorption and removal of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde

Chemically adsorbs and removes indoor pollutants that cause sick building syndrome.

Anti-algae and anti-mold properties

Prevents deterioration of building materials and the generation of mold that adversely affects the human body. It is important to prevent mold because it is difficult to remove it after it has propagated.

Highly breathable and breathable

It has high moisture absorption and desorption properties, and regulates the humidity in the room through the wall to suppress the formation of condensation and mold.

[Methods] Results from our in-house test

Image of water vapor transfer

“eterno” has high moisture absorption properties and is less prone to condensation than vinyl cloth.

  • When the temperature inside the equipment was 40.2°C with the humidity at 56%, no condensation was detected inside.
  • When the temperature inside the equipment was 37.8°C with the humidity at 90%, condensation was found.
[Measuring method] The experimental apparatus was set up in a room temperature of 25°C. A container of water was placed in the apparatus. A container filled with water was placed in the device and warmed by a 40W light bulb, and humidity and condensation conditions were measured after six hours. In-house investigation.

High durability

Lemilliur is a wallpaper with high strength, moisture resistance and long-lasting use. It can be repainted more than 10 times with water-based paints.
In fact, wallpapers made from similar materials (*pre-eterno brand) are still in use today and have been repainted a number of times over a 30-40 year period.


“eterno” has high tensile strength. This makes it resistant to tearing when the wall surface is displaced or moved by cracks or distortions in the building.
The tensile strength of Lemilliur was compared with vinyl cloth.
The tensile strength of vinyl cloth was 46 N / 15 mm in the vertical direction and 31.4 N / 15 mm in the horizontal direction, while the tensile strength of Lemilliur was 133 N / 15 mm in the vertical direction and 76.4 N / 15 mm in the horizontal direction. It was.

[Methods] Complies with JIS P 8113. The tensile strength of paper and paperboard is measured using a constant-speed extension tester. In-house research

In the case of vinyl cloth

This is a paper-lined wallpaper with a sheet of polyvinyl chloride resin (PVC). Due to the fact the backing is paper, it has low strength and is not able to respond to building structure movements, therefore becoming prone to cracks and tears.

For concrete and paint finish

Concrete can develop cracks due to building movement and distortion. When painting directly onto concrete, if cracks appear in the substrate, the finish will crack as well.

Concrete painted wall with cracks in it

The high strength fleece “eterno” does not follow the cracks and keeps a good appearance.

Resistant to moisture

Lemilliur has low elongation in water and is less prone to stretching and shrinking due to moisture. Therefore, unlike vinyl cloth, it is less likely to expand or contract due to moisture and less likely to move or peel off from the wall caused by expansion or contraction.
Water elongation
vinyl cloth1%
[Measuring method] In accordance with the German Industry Norm DIN 53130. Testing of humidified elongation of paper and board using a strain measuring device. In-house research

Resistance to deterioration

Plasticizers are added to vinyl cloth to make PVC resin (PVC) more flexible, but UV light exposure releases the plasticizer. In the process, the flexibility is lost from the PVC. As a result, the vinyl cloth will harden in 5-6 years and the joints in the cloth will open up. In addition, degradation and yellowing of PVC without plasticizer will occur. In this respect, the fleece wallpaper without plasticizer is unlikely to deteriorate.

Discarded vinyl cloth

Environmentally friendly and highly safe

eterno is a wallpaper made of natural materials.
It is an Eco-friendly and highly safe wallpaper.
You can use it with confidence from children to the elderly.

Environmentally friendly

FSC® certified wallpaper

“Lemilliur” is part of the “eterno” series, FSC Certified, which is rare in Japan.

※ FSC ・・・ FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Waste Reduction

Lemilliur can be painted over with a water-based paint. This reduces waste as there is no need to remove the existing wallpaper when renovating.



“eterno”, unlike vinyl cloth, does not use plasticizers. Plasticizers contain endocrine disruptors, which can cause sick building syndrome.
Plasticizer-free fleece wallpaper does not emit VOCs and poses no threat to sick building syndrome.

In Japan, F☆☆☆☆, the highest of the four grades of formaldehyde emissions set by JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) , has been certified.

  • Lemilliur
  • the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Certification No.MFN-3680 F☆☆☆☆

Certified Fire-Proof Material

“eterno” is a non-combustible material certified by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.

  • Lemilliur
  • Incombustible Material Certification No.NM-0223 Semi-Incombustible Material Certification No.QM-0135 *
  • * Depending on combination with the base material, either NM-0223 or QM-0135 can be applied.

Installation and maintenance


“eterno” is a product that combines the beauty of the finish with ease of installation.
For example, when applied to a 50-square-meter concrete substrate,
it is more beautiful and durable than paint, and takes about the same amount of time as a paint finish.+ The finish is more aesthetically pleasing and more durable than paint.

Estimated working hours for finishing on a concrete substrate of 50 square meters

finishing touches Operations Engineering Working days
vinyl cloth Base + putty treatment + drying + sanding + gluing (wallpaper) + construction※Not recommended in Japan due to incompatibility with lye, moisture, and construction equipment. 1.5 days
Uncoated wallpaper and painted finish Base + putty treatment + drying + sanding + gluing (wallpaper) + construction 2 days
Painting Base + Putty + Drying + Sanding + Painting 1 day
Lemilliur Base + putty treatment + drying + sanding + gluing (wallpaper) + construction 1 day


  • Wipeable.
  • Patchwork possible
  • Paintable

Construction Results

Product Overview


3 styles of different surface








11 colors painted at the factory

  • 01 Snow White *

  • 02 Ash Grey

  • 03 Stone Grey

  • 04 Lamp Black

    [To be launched in 2022]
  • 05 Feather White *

  • 06 Tulle White *

  • 07 Cinnamon Beige

  • 08 Antique White *

  • 09 Light Greige *

  • 10 Taupe

  • 11 Ice Green

  • 12 Smokey Mint

  • 13 Slate Green

  • 14 Greyish Blue

  • 15 Mimosa

  • 16 Flamingo

  • 17 California

  • 18 Pansy Blue

The pictures are examples only, please confirm the actual product images using the sample book.

Product Information


  • Width 95cm
  • Length 50・25・6m/Roll
Colors with * are only available with 50m rolls.

Special Adhesive

Standard Type EBG100
  • Potential area for construction (1 bag with 6kg loading):Approx. 33 to 40㎡
Strong Type EBG200
*It is ideal for use on wallpapers with strong curls and overlapping.
  • Potential area for construction (1 bag with 6kg loading):Approx. 26 to 40㎡

Painting material

Environmentally safe, water-based emulsion paints are recommended for repainting.
To paint, apply directly with a medium bristle roller. No primer treatment such as sealer is required.
Special paints are also available, please contact us for more information.